Press Release Distribution

Distribute your press releases to Turkey and the world with a publication guarantee through Wirecon.

The press release service includes writing and reporting services.

How Does the Press Release Service Work?

Writing + Distribution + Follow-up

Wirecon offers media communication services of PR agencies as a service. You can use Wirecon's press release writing, distribution, and follow-up services either as a one-time package or long-term.

Content Production

Our expert editors, with journalism experience, create your content based on your request and submit it for your approval.

Media Database

We filter publications and journalists based on the content's topic and your industry to create a press list.


We send your news to all media via press lists and news agencies.


We deliver a detailed online/printed media tracking and journalist submission report for your published news.

More Than Press Release Distribution

Press releases are a way for companies to increase brand awareness and visibility in media channels. They are prepared to inform the public. Press releases strengthen the reputation of companies or institutions and create awareness. They are one of the easiest and most economical communication methods that provide indirect contributions to achieving goals.

Effective & Efficient

By combining writing, distribution, and reporting processes into a turnkey service, Wirecon helps you save time and achieve maximum efficiency.

Brand Awareness

Press releases are an excellent tool to create brand awareness and attract the attention of your target audience.

New Customers

Digital PR efforts make it easier to reach new customers through media.

Detailed Reporting

We share reports of your press release's reflections in online and print media.

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